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Production process & Materials

Where are your materials sourced?

We source our leather from small US farms where cows roam free. Because of this, the hides we source have scratch marks, insect bites, as a result of the natural occurrences that transpired during the animal’s life. We believe this is what gives char

Where are Sutros made?

Sutro is manufactured in Leon, Mexico, in a third-generation factory alongside the most reputable handmade brands in the market. This factory specializes 100% in handcraft footwear and nothing else.

What types of leather do you use?

We use 16 mm thick, full-grain leather for the upper and full glove leather lining. A custom Vegetal re-tanning process infuses natural oils and waxes in the leather fibers. Using substances such as beeswax and tree bark gives durability and rich pat

What is Sutro's tanning process?

In line with our hand-crafted boots, Low-Carbon Footprint, and respect for nature, we have adopted a custom-made process with Vegetal re-tanning. This process infuses natural oils & waxes (i.e. palm oil & beeswax) into the leather fibers. The oils lu

What are the marks we see on the leather?

Our hides come from boutique farms where cows roam in pastures. As a result of natural events that occurred during animal’s life, you will see freckles, insect bites, scratch marks, birth defects, etc. This is a feature of natural leather and is a wa

Why are there different textures on a pair of boots?

Each part of the boot is cut from a different area of the hide. Depending on the part, you will notice more or less wrinkles. In general, the back part has less wrinkles, the side and stomach have more. We use all parts of the hide that complies with

Why are there different tones from one pair to another?

Different parts of the leather have different pores and fibers that do not absorb cream uniformly. In addition, creaming and burnishing is done by hand. This gives way to beautiful highs and lows which is a mark of true handcraft.

Can I customize a pair?

Due to limited production, we don’t have a set ongoing customization option, however we are always open to suggestions and feedback. Have the perfect boot in mind? Share your ideas with us!

Why do some colors on the site look different from one another?

All Sutro products are handcreamed and polished using natural creams and polish. As a result, no two boots look the same. The variations in the tone are a testament to the nature of handcraft.

How do I care for my Leather Shoes?

All of our shoes are made with Grade A full-grain leather and are treated with natural creams and oils to showcase, rather than to hide, the variations of tones and imperfections in the leather. The magic is in the leather itself. The water-based cre