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What is Sutro's tanning process?Updated 2 years ago

In line with our hand-crafted boots, Low-Carbon Footprint, and respect for nature, we have adopted a custom-made process with Vegetal re-tanning. This process infuses natural oils & waxes (i.e. palm oil & beeswax) into the leather fibers. The oils lubricate and hydrate the leather, while the wax reacts with exposure to the environment and with time develops a rich patina that looks better with age.

Vegetable tanning is the only tanning process that affords highs and lows in the leather tone. We avoid the dump of harmful chemicals on our leathers and keep the leather as chemical-free as possible. We showcase the life of the animal by displaying the marks, scratches, insect bites, all imperfections of its life.

In the Chrome tanning process, chemicals "correct" or smooth all the wrinkles. That is why all Chrome/ Chromexcel leathers are smooth. Also due to the chemicals used in this tanning process, it is impossible to cream and burnish Chrome leathers. Therefore, the leather is always mono-tone.

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